Presence in major supermarket chains and markets in major cities in Bolivia. Presence in the cities of Cochabamba, La Paz, Santa Cruz and Sucre. our product is nationally recognized for its quality and presentation.

comercializacion2INTERNATIONAL MARKET:
Our international experience began in 2003 con with markets like:
•    Argentina
•    Spain

In 2004 we worked with:
•    Japan
•    USA

In 2005 we entered the markets of
•    Uruguay
•    Chile

In 2006 we started working with:
•    Venezuela

In 2010 we extended to:
•    Colombia
•    Paraguay

In 2011 we entered the markets of:
•    Israel
•    France
And in 2012 markets such as:
•    Germany
•    Lebanon

Our client has the largest importers of palm hearts in Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, USA, Spain, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, Israel, among other countries